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February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Progress in achieving the goals of more balanced and inclusive environment in the field of science in Slovenia and the European Union is still too slow. Even though the number of female university students has exceeded their male colleagues and the number of female Ph. D. candidates is almost the same as male candidates, in the academic career proportion of women decreases to approx. 17 per cent. A very similar is the trend elsewhere in Europe.

Therefore a special attention must be paid to the loss of women at the highest level of scientific careers and to their insufficient influence on the decision making in science – both in substance and financially. It is important to provide equal opportunities for all in order for the women's intellectual potential will not be forgotten anymore but used to gain new knowledge and consequently a better life.

Only science that is equivalent, with the same rights and opportunities for all can be successfully connected and open to society and environment.

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