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Cultural event with renowned Slovenian artist Ms. Polona Vetrih

Yesterday, just two days before the International Women's Day and before the meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women we were celebrating the empowerment of women in a special way – by hosting a wonderful cultural event with the renowned Slovenian artist Ms. Polona Vetrih. 

Ambassador Bavdaž-Kuret has in her introductory remarks emphasized the importance of culture and the respect of the rights of women which in Slovenia are at the high level, with women being on some of the most important positions. In the past, we have, among others, two chief justices of the Constitutional Court, the Prime minister, ministers of defense, finance and interior. She stressed that for the first time Slovenia has a Chief of General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces, the first woman at such a position within NATO countries. 

Ms. Alison Smale, UN Understecretay-General for public information also addressed the guests presenting the artist.

Ms. Vetrih has begun with the verse from France Prešeren's "Toast" which is also the lyrics of Slovenian national anthem. She continued with his poem "Unmarried mother", poetry by Slovenian poet and actress Mila Kačič, her own monologue about another Slovenian artist, painter Ivana Kobilca and the poem by Neža Maurer. She concluded the evening with the poem by Svetlana Makarovič "Bloody smokers". 


We are happy to have had a company of many permanent representatives and other members of diplomatic community in New York, representatives of UN and Slovenians living or visiting New York.

With this artistic event Slovenia has presented to the wide international community the importance of the protection of the rights of women, which unfortunately in parts of the world remains a problem.